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The following questionnaire reflects the Romanian mediators’ opinion upon the present mediation crisis in Romania and the possible options for solving it.

1. Do you consider founded the request of resignation (withdrawal) of the CM members after it not being validated by the ministry?

a. No appeal is based. 6%

b. It is justified after the infringement of laws and decisions of CM. 94%

c. it is justified according to the accusations brought by the mediator named Tatu. 0%

2. Which do you consider to be the ideal solutions for getting out of the present crisis?

a. The validation by the Ministry of the CM members chosen at  the 23 of May. 14% 

b. The resignation of the former CM members who were chosen again and the withdrawal of the new chosen ones at the 23 of May. 60%

c. The designation by the Ministry of a provisional Mediation Council.

3. Which do you think it has been the primary reason of the litigations regarding the elections from the 23 of May?

a. The elimination of some candidates and some personal conflicts with former members of CM 14%

b. The introduction of some restrictive eligible supplementary criteria 20%

c. The introduction of some restrictive eligible supplementary criteria and the use of representation. 25%

d. Violation of legal rules and internal decisions that justify the repeating elections 40%

4. Do you consider necessary a mediators’ Congress in August and if so, will you attend?

a. No 13%

b.Yes, only for the elections and I will be present 66%

c. Yes, only for the elections and I will give a represendation mandate  13%

d.  Yes, only for the elections, but I will not participate

5. Do the conditions of acceptancing applications, need to be changed?

a. No, it should stay the same as for the 23 of May. 0%

b. Yes, they should be the criteria from The CM internal rules of procedure and functioning, without supplementary criteria. 60%

c. Yes, those from the 23 of May, with some supplementary criteria voted at the Congress in August. 40%

6. Who should be part of the provisional Council for organizing the elections?

a. The first 9 mediators-candidates registered for the 23 of May elections, in the legal term. 13%

b. The actual members of the invalidated CM. 0%

c. A provisory Council voted on voluntary basis at the Congress in August. 54%

d. A provisory Council made by the representatives of the professional organizations registered in the CM register. 33%

7. Is it possible to use the representation of the nonpresent mediatiors at the CM elections?

a. yes, on the basis of a written mandate, sent to the CM before elections, by fax or e-mail 74%

b. Yes, on the basis of a legally authentified mandate 20%

c. no 6%

8. Is it necessary to have established a quorum (minimum presence)  at the CM elections?

a. Yes, at least 1/2 of the authorized members, directly or through representation. 60%

b. No 26%

c. Yes, at least ½ of the directly authorized members 14%

9. What is the best way for the Romanian mediators to be organized?

a. In several associations, centers, unities 0%

b. In several associations, centres and individual, inside one single union 13%
c. Within a single national union, with unincorporated county offices (without legal personality) 20%

d. Within a single national union, with county offices (with legal personality)  67%

10. Who will choose in the future the members of the Mediation Council? 

a. The Congress of a national union of mediators 93%

b. They are designated by branches / associations / unions and after drawing lots 0%

c. They are named by the ministry, representatives of affiliates / associations / unions 0%.

d. another: by direct vote (?) 7%

11. Which is the biggest failure of the former Mediation Council?

a. The non-initiating and not participation at the legislative initiative to change the law 25%

b. Lack of transparency in decision-making and unfair judgments 15%

c. Lack of promoting mediation and the exaggerating interest for mediators’ formation 50%

d. The non-imposing and not respecting  of  some incompatibilities as a  CM member  10%

12. Which were the most effective forms of promoting the mediation?

a.  Individual/group promotion on the internet 27%

b. Promotion through conferences, seminars, public debates of the associations 29% 

c. Promotion in written mass-media, individually or in groups 11%

d. Promotion through audiovisual means either individual or in group 33%

13. What competences should the members of the Council have, in particular?

a. Management 30%

b. Experience in reglementation, authorization, coordination, control 20%

c. Mediation promotion 27%

d. Mediators’ training 7%

e. Business sense 0%

f. Mediators’ support  16%

14. Do you consider that the involvement of CM members in training, licensing, control is incompatible with management and regulatory function?

a. Yes 40%

b. No 18%

c. It must be established by law and internal rules, such involvement not being indicated 42%

15. What is your opinion related to the current fees set by the former CM?

a. Suiting the necessary expenses 28%

b. Too high 32%

c. Reductions are needed to those who do not receive incomes fout of mediation and training 40%

source: http://mediereagalati.wordpress.com/category/evenimente-anunturi-stiri-despre-mediere/

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The projects undertaken by FDC were oriented to identifying opportunities for application of mediation in the Romanian context, but also related to the environmental protection field.
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Our team of mediators has 11 years of experience in the application of alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, both within group disputes and interpersonal ones. The partnership between FDC and the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police had provided to FDC's team, access to a rich and diverse case law.
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