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Social services – RRroma mediators




Improving and expanding the range of social assistance services at the Integrated Social Center for the Rroma community in Tecuci by including social mediation servicesRroma; RromaRroma ; training (through guided practice) 20 Rroma mediators, in order to solve the problems that have been identified in their respective communities; improving the relationship between the Rroma, the local authorities and the media.


In the context of the project "Social Mediation Services - Rroma mediators” FDC collaborated with two organizations specializing in this field: AURr - Tecuci and the Humanitarian Association EquiLibre.


    • Selecting the participants
    • Authorizing the training course
    • Reviewing the standard course material referring to the introduction to mediation
    • Preparing the training sessions
    • Organizing the training sessions and the final evaluation/examination (theoretical training: 100 hours, practical training: 200 hours, graduation examination)
    • Providing assistance with the help of authorized mediators
    • Monitoring and evaluationg the mediators’ activity
    • Training the mediators to improve the relationship with the authorities

Final results

    • Informing Rroma families about hygiene norms;
    • Informing Rroma families about the necessity of identity documents, more specifically: birth certificates, identity cards, etc.;
    • Informing Rroma families about the possibility of receiving education by providing a certain number of seats for the Rroma citizens
    • Informing Rroma families about sexually transmitted and other diseases and ;Informing Rroma families about the need to have recourse to the authorities in order to solve various problems;
    • Informing Rroma families about the need to have a family doctor, the need to contact a veterinary doctor;
    • Informing Rroma families about obtaining housing, welfare, etc.
    • Informing Rroma families about their rights and duties towards the state.


PHARE 2003 through the Social Access component of the program “Strengthening the Civil Society in Romania”

We design and develop
training courses that
answer to the specific
requests of the beneficiary.
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The projects undertaken by FDC were oriented to identifying opportunities for application of mediation in the Romanian context, but also related to the environmental protection field.
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Our team of mediators has 11 years of experience in the application of alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, both within group disputes and interpersonal ones. The partnership between FDC and the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police had provided to FDC's team, access to a rich and diverse case law.
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