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Monitoring and Consulting for NGOs in countries of the Stability Pact on the Declaration from Bucharest concerning NGOs partnership - Governments in South-Eastern Europe




The aim of the project was to monitor and to offer consultancy for NGOs from the Stability Pact countries regarding the implementation of the “Stability Pact Declaration on NGO-Government Partnership in South-Eastern Europe”. (link http://www.cyclacadeur.org/ngo/stabil1.htm ). The project desired to create a system of assistance for NGOs from the SEE Member States through which they could receive consultancy regarding the development of partnerships with the national Governments.


   • Research on existing needs of NGOs regarding the existing or potential disputes they could have in relation with Governments from SEE countries, according with the declaration adopted in October 2000 to support NGOs’ activity regionally;
   • Develop Internet tools for communication, consultancy and information, with the help of the Greek partner, the Cycladic Academy for Europe;
   • Organize and participate in the dissemination action concerning the Stability Pact Declaration on NGO-Government Partnership in South-Eastern Europe;
   • Participate in the procedure of resolving conflicts, especially locally, on request;
   • Develop a long term strategy for NGO-Government partnership in SEE.


   • An Internet tool was developed supporting a Forum type dialogue among NGOs (www.cyclacadeur.org);
   • Information about the Declaration and the project have been spread in all the SEE countries using all written media channels;
   • An Interim and a Final Report were produced;


The Foreign Ministry of Greece through the Cycladic Academy for Europe
We design and develop
training courses that
answer to the specific
requests of the beneficiary.
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The projects undertaken by FDC were oriented to identifying opportunities for application of mediation in the Romanian context, but also related to the environmental protection field.
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Our team of mediators has 11 years of experience in the application of alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, both within group disputes and interpersonal ones. The partnership between FDC and the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police had provided to FDC's team, access to a rich and diverse case law.
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