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Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods in the Romanian Judicial System. TRAINING FOR LAWYERS AND JUDGES


01.07.1997- 31.12.1998


The project aimed to promote conflict resolution by third party assistance among lawyers, judges and judicialresearchers in the judicial system. The concept of mediation is seen as a complement to the Romanian judicial system, not as an interference in the standard judicial procedures.


    • As a result of the work of several teams , FDC has developed a case study regarding the "alternative" procedures existing in the Romanian judicial system (the study was completed in July 1998)
    • In partnership with the Canadian International Institute for Applied Negotiation (CIIAN), in November 1998, FDC organized comprehensive seminar in order to present the concept of mediation and its use in the judicial system in North America.


    • A procedural method for supporting the use of mediation in the Romanian judicial system was identified;
    • Lawyers, judges and juridical researches from all over the country participated to a seminar in order to become familiarized with the ADR concept and mediation process (delivered by FDC and CIIAN experts);
    • Support was obtained from various categories of judicial practitioners for the use of mediation in the Romanian judicial system and for the establishment of permanent programs of training in mediation.


    • In September - November 1999, following the invitation of the Ministry of Justice, Bucharest’s Sector 3 Court, Bucharest and the American Bar Association – CEELI, training sessions were organized in order to introduce the concept of mediation and the way it could be applied in Romanian courts, m with the participation of lawyers and judges,Sector.


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The projects undertaken by FDC were oriented to identifying opportunities for application of mediation in the Romanian context, but also related to the environmental protection field.
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Our team of mediators has 11 years of experience in the application of alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, both within group disputes and interpersonal ones. The partnership between FDC and the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police had provided to FDC's team, access to a rich and diverse case law.
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