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Advice, Assistance and Training for Associations of Public Administration in Romania


15 January – 15 September 2002


The aim of this project was to contribute to building a relationship of cooperation between environmental NGOs and journalists, in order to promote public participation in decision-making process in environmental matters in the context of implementing the "acquis communautaire" in the environment domain.


In this project, FDC has been a partner of Millennium III Foundation and  Romanian Association of Environmental Journalists. These activities were carried:
• A seminar on "Civil Society and Environmental Information”;
• A case study was conducted on "Balanced coverage of environmental NGOs in the media”;
• There were organized and held two training sessions for environmental NGOs and journalists on public involvement in decision making process on environmental matters;
• It was established a framework for ongoing dialogue between environmental NGOs and journalists, called the NGO Cafe "

FDC role in the project consisted of:
• Coordination of training sessions
• Contribution to the training manual
• Organization and support of two training sessions on environmental conflicts and intervention in environmental disputes;
• Impact assessment training sessions and promote the project results and the role of partners in the project.


• Two training sessions for development, organized and supported (Environmental Conflict Analysis, Negotiation and Conflict Negotiation in Environmental Assisted)
• Course materials for each training session
• A manual on "public involvement in decision-making process in environmental matters"
• Consultation provided for organizing and conducting meetings of the "NGO Café”



European Union Delegation in Romania, 1999 ACCESS Program
We design and develop
training courses that
answer to the specific
requests of the beneficiary.
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The projects undertaken by FDC were oriented to identifying opportunities for application of mediation in the Romanian context, but also related to the environmental protection field.
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Our team of mediators has 11 years of experience in the application of alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation, both within group disputes and interpersonal ones. The partnership between FDC and the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police had provided to FDC's team, access to a rich and diverse case law.
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